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What Is The LMS ?
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What Is The LMS ?

Technological advances have contributed to the event of several tools that facilitate the storage of data .In the field of education, the LMS platform is one among those tools that has not only facilitated learning processes, but has transformed the way people learn and teach today. Even so, many of us who face the space education marketplace for the primary time confuse the prevailing terms or don’t know exactly what all means.

So that there are not any doubts about what the LMS platform is and what it offers to those that have an interest in doing digital training, continue with us. We are getting to talk all about it during this post!

What Is The LMS Platform?

LMS is that the acronym in English for Learning Management System , also known in Spanish because the Learning Management System .We know that for a face-to-face class to require place it’s necessary to possess a physical space, that is, a classroom. Unlike the normal teaching process, the LMS platform was developed to move the classroom educational environment to the virtual space. Thus, it’s possible to form available a totally online teaching.

With the utilization of technological resources and tools, the LMS platform transforms the training process into something dynamic, complete and accessible. The platform are often free or paid and have varied functionalities. It all depends on the target of the course and therefore the contracting company.

And once we mention business it’s because the space education market has attracted the eye not only of teaching institutions, but also of the company sector, which has increasingly invested within the use of the LMS platform to train its clients, partners and employees .

Anyway, despite talking about an equivalent system, there are significant differences between the company and academic LMS platform.

Of course, both need to offer access for the tutorial process to require place at any time and from anywhere.

However, a company LMS focuses on staff performance and achieving better results, while the tutorial LMS platform focuses on providing quality, comprehensive training for enrolled students. We talk more about this subject throughout this post so you’ll further differentiate the 2 sorts of LMS platform.

What Is The LMS Platform For?

We have said before that an LMS platform serves to virtually create the environment of a classroom, right?

However, for this to happen it takes far more than a content sharing space.The Learning Management System has some characteristics that, additionally to replicating the perfect environment for learning, offers advantages for both students and people liable for the content. By using an LMS platform, learners have scheduling flexibility, which suggests they will access all available content whenever they will and need .

Furthermore, neither teachers nor students got to travel for the transmission of data to occur. Everything is completed online, using the resources of the tool itself. it’s possible to review reception , at work, in transit or maybe while traveling.

Another important aspect to be considered is that the economic one.

Most of the time, classes offered virtually require less financial resources to develop, making online courses cheaper for both those that produce them and their buyers. We also got to consider that, therein format, everything happens virtually: from enrollment to completion of the course, within the case of an academic LMS.

On the opposite hand, at the company level, the platform should serve to enable a positive experience virtually during training. And it’s important that she also helps within the measurement of the results and within the delivery of the required data for the organization of corporate trainings.

Thus, as we’ve already said, the LMS platform must have specific characteristics for every of the areas, and it’s about them that we’ll talk next:

Educational LMS Platform

When employed by a teaching institution or a contract teacher, the LMS platform serves to:

Create and publish course calendars;
Send reminders and notices to students about deadlines, content publication, evaluation period, etc;
Facilitate the enrollment of students;
Intermediate the payment of the classes;
Share files like articles, ebooks and audios;
Store video classes;
Establish the interaction between teacher and student;
Also enable interaction between students;
Conduct knowledge assessments and tests;
Issue course completion certificates.
Corporate LMS platform
In general, the functionalities utilized in an academic LMS also work for the company system.


The difference is within the objectives of the course, as you’ll see below:

Train new employees;
Provide strategic information to be accessed whenever necessary;
Measure the results of training;
Measure employee engagement;
Align employees to the objectives of the organization;
Transmit the culture of the company;
Keep professionals updated;
Record employee participation;
Facilitate content updating;
Expand employee engagement .

Why Are LMS Platforms Booming?

LMS platforms are increasingly in demand in universities, schools and corporations .But, additionally to those institutions, there’s another audience that’s increasingly using learning management systems: online teachers who have created their own businesses. Online courses are a superb business opportunity, as thousands of scholars are choosing the web because the ideal medium to find out more about various topics.

Today, courses associated with health, sports, finance, marketing, gastronomy, personal development, lifestyle and lots of others are very fashionable . For this reason, countless entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the digital medium to share their knowledge and earn extra cash – or maybe work exclusively with info products .

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